Explore Reykjavik City (Iceland)

"Land of Ice and Fire"

Iceland is a compelling destination for memorable breaks. Whisks off to a magical land of thermal baths, the Northern Lights, geysers, volcanoes and whale-watching tours.

Cool capital

Fly away to Reykjavik, a quirky, stylish and fashion-conscious city surrounded by dramatic volcanic landscapes.

Island sightseeing

Depending on the dates and weather conditions for your trip, it might be possible to view the Northern Lights, with guided bus tours and boat tours. If conditions are in your favour, this could be an unforgettable experience.

Iceland has a wealth of natural attractions. Ask hotel staff about tours and itineraries or plan your own excursions. Favourite tourist activities include the Blue Lagoon, the hot springs, and the geothermal baths of Gullfoss, Geysir and the sites featured in Game of Thrones.

Whale watching trips are available from Reykjavik, although again are subject to weather conditions.
Nightlife is abundant in Reykjavik, a city that manages to be both achingly trendy and warmly hospitable at the same time.


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Visit PRAGUE....Read more

original capital of Bohemia.

Familiarity with Prague can’t take the shine off the original capital of Bohemia.

Tourists keep coming back for a reason. Myth, romance and intrigue tinge every atmospheric street of this seductive European capital.


It’s hardly surprising that the city on the Vltava remains a perennially-popular city break destination. Prague boasts imposing medieval architecture, colourful streets, modern galleries, pretty squares and some of the world’s finest beer served in authentic, ancient pubs.

Prague attractions

First time visitors to Prague may be in danger of sensory overload from the stunning beauty of the city’s ornate medieval buildings.

The secret is to take in the distinctive areas of the city in turn, enjoying the splendours of the Old Town, the castle and Wenceslas Square. The best way to explore is on foot, occasionally hopping aboard one of the city’s handy trams.

Tourist highlights include lingering by the buskers on the Charles Bridge, visiting the Jewish cemetery and catching the chimes of the astronomical clock in the Old Town Square.

Don’t neglect the beer, as you can expect superb brews with a rich history served up in atmospheric cellar bars (or Pivnice), accompanied by simple menus of hearty Middle European fare, usually a variation on meat and dumplings.

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All roads lead to ROME.

Discover roman treasures !

Be inspired by Italy’s Eternal City.

Whether you have a hankering for culture, classical antiquities, romance or just a decent ice-cream, all roads lead to Rome.

Rome - a city rich in history, culture and romance; home to many of the world’s greatest monuments and art treasures, not to mention some of Italy’s finest nightlife and restaurants. 

Take a stroll and soak up the atmosphere of this unique city, and get a sense of its classical origins from street level.

Resist the urge to overdose on history and culture and focus on one or two attractions during each day of your stay. Cinema enthusiasts will be keen to spot all the classic movie locations from the Trevi Fountain to the Spanish Steps, and will also want to take the metro journey out to the iconic Cinecitta studios.

The Sistine Chapel and the outstanding art collections of the Borghese and Doria Pamphilj Galleries will be a highlight for many, but are understandably popular.

Visitors looking for a less crowded cultural experience should head for the hip northern Rome quarter of Flaminio and the cavernous curves of the striking modern MAXXI gallery designed by Zaha Hadid.

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Grenoble - a truly french city.

Pedestrian streets tangling into the historical boroughs.

Is that just a cliché considering the “Grenoblois” with sport shoes and fleece jackets? Of course it is, because this is more than a bustling sport city. Let yourself merge into the pedestrian streets tangling into the historical boroughs. The heart of the city is just waiting for visitors to conquer; recounting years of history from the building process of Notre Dame Cathedral to the Building of Progress built in 19th.
Eyes in the air, feet on the cobblestones, let the city center unveil itself to you.

Grenoble attractions

On the Drac and Isère Rivers, Grenoble is a high-tech city of science ringed by mountains in France’s Northern Alps.

To the north is the powerful Bastille at the start of Chartreuse mountain range, and threatening the city from the west are the monumental rocks of the Vercors Massif.

If you want the great outdoors you’ve got them in Grenoble, with a catalogue of walks leading you to the region’s lakes, forests  and mountain pastures.

In winter ski resorts are less than an hour away.

Back in the city there are loads of great free museums inviting you to discover Grenoble’s rich history, which goes back to before Roman times.



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a few must-see cities with its own identity.

The Capital of Catalonia and Spain's second city, Barcelona is utterly incomparable. It’s one of a few must-see cities with its own identity. This is partly down to a generation of early-20th-century artists and architects, like Antoni Gaudí, whose unforgettable buildings are like nothing you’ll see anywhere else.

There’s something to delight everyone in Barcelona. If you’re a food lover then the city has a total of 20 Michelin stars, and if you want culture you’ve got an inexhaustible choice of beautiful buildings and events. Add to this clean urban beaches, world-class nightlife and so much great shopping you won’t know where to begin.

Barcelona attractions

A walk down the Rambla is the ideal introduction to Barcelona’s appeal, a broad avenue lined with shops, market stalls and colourful street life. Soak up the atmosphere and enjoy a spot of people-watching.

Exploring the medieval streets and buildings of the Barri Gotic is a great way to spend your first morning, discovering an atmospheric and ancient quarter of the city that still contains some of Barcelona’s finest bars and cafes.

After ticking off the Sagrada Familia and the architect’s other ornate masterpieces the Casa Mila and Casa Batllo, it’s worth admiring an older landmark, the Basilica of Santa Maria Del Mar, dating from the 14th century.

A more modern temple of worship is the Camp Nou. If you can grab a ticket for a Barcelona home match, take the opportunity to see football geniuses in action. If not, a stadium tour gets you close to pitchside and gives you a taste of the club’s rich history. 


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BRATISLAVA (Slovakia) Calling...

fascinating and fun city to explore!

Bored with Berlin? Apathetic about Amsterdam?  Too much of Vienna? Why not visit somewhere totally different – Bratislava?

Slovakia’s capital doesn’t have the notoriety of its more famous neighbour Prague – and it doesn’t have the hordes of tourists either. Instead it offers a pretty river setting, lively nightlife, and a mixture of 18th century spires with socialist-era monuments.


It’s a fascinating and fun city to explore and this subscriber deal takes you there with direct flights from Edinburgh and four night’s central accommodation.

Explore Christmas markets in Bratislava during festive period:
Bratislava is inherently connected with glowing streets, Christmas trees and stands full of goodies and craft products. The Christmas market is located at the Main Square and Hviezdoslav Square. The folk songs and dances are introduced on the stages of Christmas market throughout November and December. The winter in Bratislava is also full of great concerts, opera and ballet performences in Slovak national theater.

Bratislava attractions

With baroque palaces, fairytale cobbled streets (and cool Socialist-era architecture) Bratislava is a fascinating city to explore. Make sure to definitely visit Christmas markets and experience festive magic between 23 Nov - 22 Dec 19 (dates may vary).

Visitors can sip a flavoured fresh lemonade in the pavement cafes or hit the bars for very affordable local beer and wine.

There’s also plenty of museums and art galleries to explore. 

Explore Christmas markets in Bratislava during festive period

Bratislava is inherently connected with glowing streets, Christmas trees and stands full of goodies and craft products. 

The Christmas market is located at the Main Square and Hviezdoslav Square. The folk songs and dances are introduced on the stages of Christmas market throughout November and December.

The winter in Bratislava is also full of great concerts, opera and ballet performances in Slovak national theatre.


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Athens - world's ancient capital.

A city filled with ancient temples, lively tavernas and massive dollops of tzatziki.

With equal measures of grunge and grace, Athens is a heady mix of ancient history and contemporary cool. Ideally, you’ll want to pick a city filled with ancient temples, lively tavernas and massive dollops of tzatziki.

Ancient Athens

Athens is packed with fascinating ancient landmarks, with the highlight being the Acropolis, a 2500 year old citadel and site of the Parthenon, the Erechtheion and the Theatre of Dionysus. Syntagma Square, at the centre of the city, is home to the Old Royal Palace and a great place to people watch.

The magnificent Acropolis, visible from almost every part of the city, is the hub around which Athens still revolves. This temple city, built in the 5th century BC, serves as a daily reminder to Greeks of their heritage and the city's many transformations. 

Thousand-year-old Byzantine churches, for instance, which squat, unruffled in the middle of streets and attached to hillsides. Ottoman traces can be seen in architecture and in food. And the neoclassical style of the 19th century adds elegance all over the centre.


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Why Bologna, Italy ??

ancient architecture, rich food, and the seaside.

Perhaps because it is the capital of Emilia-Romagna, a region in the north of Italy that is known for its ancient architecture, rich food, and the seaside. Maybe becauseBologna is legendary for its traditional cuisine (tagliatelle al ragù and lasagne allabolognese are a few examples of the many.)

At one time, Bologna was a city built on canals with a thriving textiles industry, still echoed in many of the street names such as Via delle Moline (Street of the mills). 

Lots of the churches have Renaissance art on show, and the Pinacoteca Nazionale has art created in the region from 200 AD to the Baroque period. Other museums for art buffs are the Municipal Art Collections, with art from the 14th to 19th centuries, Galleria D'Arte Maggiore and modern art museum MAMbo.

Pretty arches that line Bologna's streets are a handy shield from rain or blinding sun, and years ago they were where merchants would set up stalls to sell their wares. Explore the food that Bologna has to offer.

The two towers are a symbol of the city, and the shorter of the pair, Garisenda, leans much more dramatically than Pisa's leaning tower. 

As well as the San Luca, the city centre itself boasts plenty of impressive churches. The Chiesa della Santa has the mummified remains of Saint Catherine of Bologna in an eerie side chapel, while San Domenico Basilica has a Michelangelo statue and a piano used by Mozart during his time studying in Italy.

Maybe the best reason to visit Bologna is that you'll feel like you're truly discovering the city, rather than being herded along in a crowd of tourists.

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Sunshine Break in Lanzarote (Canary Islands)

"Discover Spectacular Landscapes"

Great Spanish island destination

As the rain and sleet hammer down on Scotland, we can be forgiven for idle daydreams about soaking up the sun on some island paradise.

The Canaries can usually be relied on for balmy and temperate conditions, even in the midst of a northern European winter.

Sunshine break

Lanzarote has plenty to offer, from the familiar bustling beach resorts to world class cultural attractions, spectacular volcanic scenery to eight hours average winter sunshine a day.

It’s an island where the authorities have put a brake on over-development and made the most of the island’s distinctive landscapes.

Local attractions

Establishments ranging from brash, British-friendly bars to elegant laid-back lounges and restaurants. It’s a heady invitation to party, even outside the main holiday season.

It is also a hub of the island’s dive centres offering diving and snorkelling trips to explore the Atlantic’s turquoise waters.

The island itself is extraordinary, its landscape shaped by volcanic activity and by the energy of its most famous son the artist Cesar Manrique.

Visit Manrique’s Jameos Del Agua complex of natural auditoria and amphitheatres, created in the lava flow from the volcano of La Corona, or join a tour through the volcanic tunnels at La Cueva De Los Verdes.

On the western side of the island at Timanfaya National Park, tours show how the lava fields are changing and growing. You can even enjoy an unusual barbecue powered by the volcano’s geothermic heat.

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Poland’s capital : Warsaw

"Also known as the Phoenix City"

Poland's Capital break

Poland’s capital Warsaw has become one of Europe’s most fascinating city break destinations. It’s a city teeming with life, with new bars, shops and restaurants springing up constantly. Warsaw can also boast the cultural and heritage attractions you’d expect from a capital city.
Eastern European capitals have a romantic allure, with twinkling lights, cosy bars and the clatter of trams.

Explore Warsaw

Warsaw is known as the Phoenix City, because of the impressive way it has risen from the ashes of the Second World War, when the capital was almost razed to the ground.

Many buildings have been painstakingly restored and the medieval and Renaissance buildings around Castle Square and Market Square are as picturesque as any in Europe.

The Market Square is home to the mermaid statue, the symbol of the city. The sightseeing stroll from the Royal Castle to the Wilanow Palace, with its ornate gardens, is a great way to appreciate the unexpected beauty of Warsaw.

Warsaw locals know how to party, with plenty of lively bars and clubs around Nowy Swiat. The up-and-coming Praga area is a bohemian enclave of pop-up restaurants, cool stores and hipster bars.

Ideal getaway

A Warsaw city break offers a great opportunity to get to know one of Europe’s fashionable capitals, with cultural attractions, heritage sights and plenty of alluring bars and cafes.

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Historic Malaga (Spain). See yourself !!!

"capital of the Costa del Sol"

Capital break

It is easy to understand why Malaga City is capital of the Costa del Sol. Malaga now competes successfully for attention, thanks to its profusion of quirky museums, delightful pedestrianised centre, innovative restaurants and stylish hotels many featuring trendy rooftop terraces with bar, pool and stunning views. Muelle Uno is a contemporary leisure complex in the port - while a new arty district called SOHO is bringing a bohemian edge to the city.

Fly to Malaga!

A picturesquely city situated in a bay surrounded by mountains and bounded by the rivers Guadalmedina and Guadalhorce, Malaga with its two thousand-eight hundred years of history is one of the oldest cities in Europe.

The city experienced the greatest civilizations of the Mediterranean, from the Phoenicians and the Greeks to the Romans, thanks to the strategic location of the port, an important site along the trade routes since ancient times.

A four-night room only stay in a comfortable 3 star central hotel offers an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with the beauty of Malaga city.


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Captivating Capital, it is BERLIN !

"world’s most exciting capitals"

Post-reunification Berlin is a vibrant, cultural metropolis that combines the grandeur of a capital city with one of Europe’s most dynamic counter-culture scenes.

It has atmospheric neighbourhoods, hip bohemian shops and bars and an artistic heritage that stretches from Bowie to Le Carre, Isherwood to Depeche Mode.

Romantic getaway

For fans of espionage thrillers, Bowie’s Berlin trilogy, cool neighbourhoods or spectacular modern architecture, a Berlin city break is the perfect escape.

With direct flights and conveniently located accommodation, today’s puts you right in the heart of this energetic city, ready to enjoy a leisurely exploration of one of Europe’s most atmospheric destinations.

It’s ideal whether you want the chance to visit the Christmas markets.

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Turkey travel/visa information

e-Visa for Republic of Turkey

To apply for Turkey Visa - Please click here.

A short video to guide you through the process of applying for visa - click here.

British nationals need a visa to travel to Turkey (except for cruise ship passengers with ‘British Citizen’ passports entering the country for a day trip, remaining in the port of embarkation and returning to the ship the same day). If you’re visiting Turkey as a tourist or on business, you’ll need to get an e-Visa online before you travel. Only use the official e-Visa website. Avoid unauthorised websites as they may charge an additional fee.

If you don’t have an e-Visa you can still get a visa on arrival for £20 in cash, although the visa on arrival service is due to be phased out. Getting an e-Visa before you travel will avoid possible problems or delays at the Turkish border, or when boarding your flight in the UK. See Entry requirements

Travel insurance

Take out comprehensive travel and medical insurance before you travel.

Source: Foreign & Commonwealth office, for more information, please visit their website.

Please note: Nothing on this blog should be construed as giving advice or making any recommendation, and you should not rely on this blog as the basis for any decision or action.The information on this website may not always be completely up to date. We are not responsible for any external links or contents.

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Travelling to United States of America

Travelling to United States of America Under Visa Waiver Programme, Please read

Entry requirements

Passport validity

Your passport should be valid for the proposed duration of your stay. You don’t need any additional period of validity on your passport.

US immigration officials will accept British passports extended by 12 months by British Embassies and Consulates under exceptional measures put in place in mid-2014, but you will need to apply for a visa from the nearest US Embassy or Consulate before travelling.

Visa Waiver Programme (VWP)

The VWP allows most British Citizen passport holders to visit the US for up to 90 days. The types of journey permissible under the VWP include tourism, certain types of business visit and transit to another country. If you have a British passport that describes your nationality as something other than ‘British Citizen’, or if your passport has been extended by 12 months under exceptional measure put in place in mid 2014, you don’t qualify for entry to the US under the VWP and you’ll need to apply for a visa from the nearest US Embassy or Consulate.

Travel under the VWP is restricted to travellers with passports that include certain security features. If you have doubts about whether you’re eligible to enter the US under the VWP (eg if you have a criminal record or have been arrested even if it didn’t result in a conviction), or about visa matters generally, contact the nearest US Embassy or Consulate for advice.

Those travelling under the VWP arriving by air or sea should provide details online at least 72 hours before travel. This is known as an Electronic System for Travel Authorisation or ESTA. If you do not have an ESTA you’ll be refused travel to the USA. If you’re arriving by land, you do not need to complete an ESTA before you arrive at the border. Getting an ESTA is a separate process to providing your airline with advance passenger information (details of your passport, country of residence, address of your first night’s accommodation in the US etc). For more information, and to apply online, visit the official ESTA website.

The VWP is intended to be used for occasional, short visits to the US. If a US immigration officer thinks you’re trying to ‘reset’ the clock by making a short trip out of the US and re-entering for another 90-day period, you can be denied entry. If you travel from the US to Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean you can usually re-enter using the ESTA and admission stamp you were issued when you first arrived in the US, although the time you spend outside of the country is included in the 90 days allotted for your visit. Make sure you’re clear about the length of time the immigration officer has authorised you to remain in the US if you re-enter under the same ESTA.

When you arrive in the USA you will need to be able to show that you have enough funds available to support yourself during your stay, even if you’re staying with family and friends. Further details on the VWP and other aspects of US immigration rules are available from the Customs and Border Protection website.

Source: https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/usa/entry-requirements

Source: https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov/esta/

Travel insurance

We suggest you take out comprehensive travel and medical insurance before you travel.

Please read GOV.UK – Foreign Travel Advice, Please click here.

Please note: Nothing on this blog should be construed as giving advice or making any recommendation, and you should not rely on this blog as the basis for any decision or action.The information on this website may not always be completely up to date. We are not responsible for any external links or contents.

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